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Web Design

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Radiant Women's Health

Update Brand Identity

Update Desktop & Mobile Web Design


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Plantiff's Practice Software

Update Website Design for Desktop & Mobile


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User Experience(UX) & Design

for Account Creation, Direction, & Ease of Log In




This was a great and simple project for a portal to help HITACHI with training for their new AMN6200 hardware data system and their SuperJ service platform. This had strict guidelines that had to be followed and through strategic planning I helped guide the team to a design, which was quickly implemented.

The samples are from the PSD files created to help show the client what they should consider to help guide people through the registration. The design used key colors and simple design to increase the completion rate of the form and decrease the time spent going through the experience.

Hulsey Dentistry

Foundational Messaging

Content Development

Desktop & Mobile Web Design


Link to live site CLICK HERE

Interactive Design & Display


BCD Travel

User Experience(UX) & Design

for Interactive Touch Screen Display




This was a project for BCD's big conference they attend every year. The idea was

a large 42" touchscreen for people who came into their booth to interact and mathematically find the most significant service BCD offered in making business travel plans. This would then create an email for the individual with their results. Also an email lead for sales to come back and touch base on the points the individual found was most valuable to them.


Some simple discriptions are in red text on the images below. This project from early on had a lot of strategic and creative design feedback we advised to the client. My role was to give specific direction for user experience, flow of the interactive layouts and creative design. Also I helped with direction and communications between the technical code team and the Account Manager.




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